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Silicon Valley 100

January 24, 2005

The a:c tends to be dismissive about Top 100 Most Important Technology lists. For years we were responsible for assembling such lists for The Red Herring so we have seen what it looks like inside the sausage factory. Usually these lists cover Tech companies, but a new list covers the most important people in Silicon Valley. As described by MSNBC, Auren Hoffman, who developed the list, was inspired by the best-seller The Tipping Point, and has assembled a marketing vehicle where he is paid by companies to get their products in the hands of tech luminaries. So giants such as Tim Draper, Stewart Alsop, Aileen Lee, Igor Sill, Bill Gurley, Ron Conway, Yahoo VP Katie Mitic, Siebel Systems cofounder Pat House, Electronic Arts senior VP Rusty Rueff, Esther Dyson, Tim O’Reilly, Tiffany Shlain, Chris Shipley, radio personality Hooman, club promoter Trevor Hewitt, and Napster cofounder Sean Parker will soon receive an electronic bidet toilet seat from San Francisco startup Brondell.
A Double Order Please
Full disclosure requires that we indicate that Silicon Valley 100’s Auren Hoffman is a frat bro – and compels us to let Hoffman know that his list is fantastic, we’d like to be on it, and we’ll take a couple of the fancy toilet seats please.
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