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RSS, Social Networking & Search: Crowded Intersection

January 21, 2005

Michael Bazeley at Silicon Beat reports that Feedster just unveiled its jobs listing search tool. Feedster crawls sites looking for job-related feeds, consolidates them, and makes them searchable. The model makes sense – and potentially puts pressure on the subscription-based job sites like HotJobs in the future.
We look at Feedster’s product development and are reminded that the intersection of RSS aggregators, social networking sites, and search is as intriguing as it is perplexing. These are early days, and in the time-tested tradition of Silicon Valley, look for the start-ups to advance innovation – and for the big dogs to follow/copy quickly.
As for a big dog teaching itself new tricks, particularly in the area of RSS, our current favorite is Yahoo.
Read: Feedster officially launches jobs search – []


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