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Zilliant – Profile

January 19, 2005

HQ: Austin, TX
Founded: 1999
Management: Zilliant frontman is Chairman & CEO Greg Peters, who previously ran the seminal Web software bright light Vignette, where he was responsible for both its spectacular bubble days IPO and its subsequent implosion. Vignette was known more for its marketing and salesmanship than for the usability of its software.
Investors: Zilliant raised $12M in Series D in January 2005 led by Cardinal Venture Capital with JP Morgan Partners, Austin Ventures, and Trellis Partners. In previous rounds the company raised more than $20M.
Business Model: Company started out as a consulting firm advising companies on their pricing and evolved into a software firm selling Web-based software that optimizes pricing, revenue, and margins. Software models segmentation, and analyzes discounts, and price promotions. Company has some nice early case studies in a variety of industries: Hotwired, GE, and DHL.
Competitors: Manugustics Talus Group, DemandTec, ProfitLogic and Khimetrics.
Dirt: We agree that pricing is commonly done with a finger in the air and that businesses need to get a clue. It’s way too early to know if Zilliant will be the company they will turn to, but CEO Peters will grab attention. If the software proves to be at all helpful, we believe Zilliant has legs.

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