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Trip Hawkins Berates Kid Gamers

January 14, 2005

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Trip Hawkins – Just Before The Flame
Gaming executive superstar Trip Hawkins took some time off after his last gaming startup – 3DO – and returned to launch a new startup that we have profiled called Digital Chocolate. His return resurrected a nasty flame letter that he sent to GamePro Magazine in 2001 when he ran 3DO.
Joystiq has the write-up, but we couldn’t help reprinting the juicier quotes:
“Most of you have editorial staffs that are dominated by angry young men that are poorly trained and represent a narrow and anarchistic element of the world’s population. You are so much better off if you do not bite the hand that feeds you. And do not patronize me by telling me the reader is the customer—your real customer is the one that pays you your revenue. And it is game industry advertisers. If you need to be able to be constantly negative you need to accept that you are like a parasite that is killing its host.”
Read – Trip Hawkins email to GamePro magazine circles the Web (Joystiq)
View – DigitalChoclate Profile(The a:c)

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