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The Red Herring is Always-On Meets Forrester Magazine

January 14, 2005

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Starry-eyed VC Coverage is Back!
Today is the day that the blogosphere took note of the resurgence of the Silicon Valley print magazine, so we will note the bandwagon and jump on it. The new print editions are Forrester Magazine, a revived Red Herring, Tech Confidential from The Deal, and AlwaysOn. The Mercury News also calls out MIT Technology Review for its relaunch. We regard Technology Review as the best quality in the bunch but we like Tony Perkins’ effort – Always-On Magazine – just because its fun to see someone do the same thing three times: Upside, Red Herring and now this. Plus, Tony gets points for pluck in finding a way to get free editorial by getting VCs to write and pimp their expertise for free.
Read – Tech magazines are back; Forrester latest entrant (Silicon Beat)


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