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Sticking Steve Case’s Nose in His Crap

January 13, 2005

A lot of people were excited to see Steve Case reenter the limelight for a speech in Silicon Valley last night. CNET seems to enjoy pointing out that Case’s hair has turned grey – perhaps a sign that he has been stressed over what happened at AOL Time. That’s doubtful.
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Glory Days – Steve Case & Gerry Levin
The prevailing theory on the AOL Time Warner debacle is that it was not a mistake in vision but in execution. However, one idea that Case doesn’t voice is that he did a fantastic job for AOL. The company was able to survive the bubble burst because it latched on to a more stable company when it could. The sucker and looser should doubtlessly be Time Warner boss Gerald Levin and his team.
Read – Case accepts blame for AOL-Time Warner debacle (


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