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Alexa – “I Am Your God”

January 11, 2005

With taking a beating over the holidays, we thought it would be a nice time to give them props for their smart decision to buy Alexa back in the day. Even if they don’t make much jing off it and it doensn’t really have synergies with their model, the purchase makes Amazon seem more all-knowing. Because traffic experts like Nielsen are so unreliable and expensive, Alexa has become the default mechanism for sizing sites up. For the online world it is the equivalent of the full range of measurements we take to rate people offline – fat/skinny, short/tall, bald/hairy, alluring/kind-of-funny looking, retarded/scary-smart, loaded/slacker, etc. With The a:c continuing to climb the Alexa charts, we are currently feeling very, very handsome.


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