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Six Apart Buys LiveJournal

January 6, 2005

There have been whispers about this deal for a while. Blogging software company Six Apart has acquired Danga (creator of LiveJournal) for undisclosed terms. According to the AP:
“Danga’s LiveJournal, launched as a hobby in 1999 by Brad Fitzpatrick when he was 19, runs on a simpler, open-source software platform. Most of LiveJournal’s 5.6 million users are teens and people in their 20s, a hip demographic that piqued Six Apart’s interest.”
Good deal – and a harbinger of things to come. We believe Six Apart will eventually sell out to a large company that has greater interest in the Six Apart’s installed base than in its technology. The a:c uses Six Apart’s blogging software – it’s excellent, but we suspect a team of MSFT engineers could create a comparable product over night. By adding LiveJournal’s 5.6 million users, Six Apart is wisely dressing itself up for potential suitors.
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