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Apple Juice for Synaptics

December 21, 2004

Right after we mused about the iPod economy yesterday, we came across a story from Dan Lee at which points out the following: “Executives at Apple Computer aren’t the only insiders cashing in on the company’s hot-selling iPod music player. Just ask executives at Synaptics, the San Jose maker of electronic instruments that turns out iPod’s scroll wheel.”
Synaptics isn’t quite the scrappy start-up we had in mind when we wondered if new ventures would emerge to capitalize on the success of the iPod, but the company’s recent surge still provides a good example of the pervasive influence of the iPod economy.
Also from the article: “Eight Synaptics insiders sold a combined $10.64 million in company stock last month as the company’s stock rose to a 52-week high. The stock has gained 132 percent in the past 12 months.”
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