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2005 Dreamin

December 15, 2004

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The flack at the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) did her job by posting a press release with member predictions for next year. Here’s a synopsis:
“The telecomm market will pull a Rip Van Winkle and awaken from its three years of slumber.”
Chad Waite, OVP Venture Partners
“Biotechnology has emerged as the white knight of the venture capital industry. Biotech is here to stay.”
Jim Healy, MD, PhD, Sofinnova Ventures
“Software companies that deliver products as an On-Demand service are also expected to be attractive to investors.”
Walter Kortschak, Summit Partners
“The new year will continue to show plenty of promise for companies offering solutions in the areas of compliance, business continuity and security. Storage needs, driven by the stricter regulatory environment, are up a whopping 50% at most corporations.”
Bob Huret, FTVentures
“Advertising as we have known it is over. Brand owners need to go where you are, and that isn’t on network television or the newspaper.”
Heidi Roizen, Mobius Venture Capital
“The volume of photos, videos, music and other digital content will continue to grow exponentially, and businesses that can help users easily find, purchase, enjoy and protect the files that matter most to them will see big opportunities.”
Joanna Rees-Gallanter, Venture Strategy Partners
“Biometrics, and in particular fingerprint recognition, will emerge as an exciting new end-user technology in 2005.”
Alessandro Piol, INVESCO Private Capital
“2005 will be the year when having your computer network or enterprise software application up and running 99.9% of the time won’t be good enough anymore.”
Shanda Bahles, El Dorado Ventures
“We think the more effective strategy for dealing with the growth of foreign markets is to invest in U.S. companies with innovations in materials, energy, consumer electronics, biotech, and medical devices that foreign markets will buy.”
Bob Pavey, Morgenthaler Ventures
“The general public will become more aware of the “humanitarian side” of venture capital because of the bridge it provides from innovation to job creation.”
Thomas Gephart, Ventana Capital Management
“We see no evidence of back to bubble period behavior or attitudes in 2005. So it’s steak, not sushi. Martinis, not Dom Perignon.”
Sanford Miller and Allan Ferguson, 3i
“The number of existing and new firms raising funds that will be put to work in 2005, coupled with the return of true mezzanine investors anticipating the coming exit market, will result in an increase in the number of investments in seed and early-stage companies.”
Dennis Dougherty, Intersouth Partners
“Venture capitalists must find new industrial segments which are growing at a significantly faster rate than the GDP. Is biotech the answer? Either that, or we VC’s will have to outperform the GDP through shear brilliance. If we don’t, returns for the industry will decline to match other investment options.”
Bill Stensrud, Enterprise Partners Venture Capital
See – Venture Capital Competition to Heat Up In 2005 (NVCA)


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