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Doerr, Semel, Schmidt, Chambers, Otellini, Joy oh my

November 16, 2004

At the TechNet conference on the Google campus, MC Charlie Rose got what all TV journalists want from our tech leadership – visions of the future. One item that the group seemed to agree on was that soon we will enjoy iPod devices that contain the world’s information resources. It strikes us that the group is excited about this device because they would be the power users. CEOs require a torrent of information. Most people don’t – they don’t even need PDAs. The masses are more excited about having ready access to movies and music than they are to information. For that reason, it would have been interesting to have Steve Jobs, High Priest of the iPod, on the panel.
One other odd moment came when John Chambers bemoaned the state of American public education. Sure, he’s got a point there, but his scare line was that 25% of Chinese in college are getting degrees in computer science. How many programmers does the world need? We prefer Liberal Arts majors…
Read – Valley Leaders Look at Future (San Jose Mercury News)


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