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Linux Networx – Profile

November 15, 2004

HQ: Bluffdale, UT
Founded: 2003
Management:CEO is Bernard Daines, a networking lifer who previously founded World Wide Packets, Webiness, Grand Junction Networks and Packet Engines.
Investors: Company raised a $40M Series B round from Oak Investment Partners (lead) and Tudor Ventures.
Business Model:Linux Networx provides proven cluster computing systems used for simulation, analysis, and modeling for centralized computing done for life sciences research, oil and gas exploration, military simulation and various government activities. Because it runs on low-cost Linux, price/performance ratio is primary selling point.
Nice Rack! Japan’s AIST Has Mounted Linux Networx (at 11 Teraflops p/sec)
Competitors: Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems.
Dirt: With Silicon Graphics and Sun still smelling like chum in the water, investors must be thinking that $40M is money well spent to make a go of it in this market. We follow the logic, but retain a lot of faith in the incumbants, at least in Sun. And, to be honest, the current crew strike us as guys who might rest on their laurels should they someday succeed at building Bluffdale, Utah’s biggest company.


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