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Workers Unite! – An EA Redux

November 12, 2004

Just when we say that Electronic Arts is the gold standard of the video game industry, we come across an angry condemnation of the company that is currently making the blog rounds. It comes in the form of an anonymous letter posted by the spouse of an EA engineer. The EA-basher accuses the company of being a soulless sweatshop; an exploiter of human lives: “The concept of ethics or compassion or even intelligence with regard to getting the most out of one’s workforce never enters the equation: if they don’t want to sacrifice their lives and their health and their talent so that a multibillion dollar corporation can continue its Godzilla-stomp through the game industry, they can work someplace else.”
Over one thousand people have posted comments on the story – most are sympathetic to the plight of the aggrieved EA engineer.
Take this job and shove it!
Well, not to sound too much like craven capitalists, but the a:c comfortably reaffirms its “gold standard” assessment of EA. We don’t doubt the truth of the claims leveled at EA in the letter, but the fact remains that employee gripes of this nature don’t tend to make much of dent in the corporate armor. Should EA management take these claims seriously? Yes. Should you unload your EA shares? No.


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