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Marc Andreessen 

November 12, 2004

BusinessWeek updates Andreessen’s rise/fall/rise/fall story with a rise. His current company Opsware is a phoenix from the ashes of his failed Loudcloud. Unfortunately for BusinessWeek, Opsware is a dull, back-office geek shop, but the numbers are nice. Opsware has been cash-flow-positive for five quarters, revenues are expected to double to $35 million this year.
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On the catty side, those who have seen Andreessen say he he looks old, but that could just be a grudging realization that the Netscape revolution was ages ago. Don’t shed a tear for Marc – he’ll be just fine. He has smartly left Silicon Valley and moved to Los Angeles where a mansion is indeed a mansion. And like Shatner at a Star Trek convention, he will always be mobbed by adoring geeks.
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