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Intel: Succession in the Kingdom

November 11, 2004

It’s always unnerving when an established company has to look outside its own ranks for a new leader. H-P did it with Carly Fiorina and IBM did it with Lou Gerstner. In both cases, it was the right call. A similar decision may one day face Intel – but not yet. Paul Otellini, who joined the company in 1974, will replace CEO Craig Barrett in May. In addition to becoming one of the most influential companies in the world, Intel does another thing well: it grooms its own to take the helm.
My Kingdom for a strong Q4 ’04
As Otellini recently said in an interview with “One thing about Intel is that we have had a series of very seamless transitions” — from Robert Noyce to Gordon Moore to Andy Grove to Barrett — “and you really do not notice an abrupt transition in any one of those things.”
Intel has struggled of late, but the company’s overall performance since its founding in 1968 is emblematic of the Silicon Valley dream. Otellini has inherited an enormous responsibility – we’ll watch his progress with interest.
Here are the Intel vitals:
Year founded: 1968
Number of employees: 78,000
Revenues: $30.1 billion (2003)
Products and services: over 450
Fortune 500 ranking: 53
Stock symbol: INTC
Worldwide offices
and facilities: 294
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