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China’s Mojo

November 11, 2004

Our friends over at Silicon Beat (employed by the San Jose Mercury) are banging the gong over China these days. They were on hand at the Churchill Club where VC luminaries John Doerr, Roger McNamee, and others picked China as their number one investment trend. Silicon Beat seems a bit incredulous – “We looked through our notebook of last night’s hour-and-a-half debate for a mention of India. Didn’t find a single reference.”
The a:c would like to see a lot more meat on the bone before we are ready to join the Chinese dinner party. This is not to say that Mr. Doerr and Co. are ill-informed or that China is insignificant; we just think that trends like this don’t appear as suddenly as everyone would like. We post the Fresh Deals column of VC ventures every day and Chinese-based investments have been sparse. We buy the idea that China will go from a handful of investments to several handfuls, but it’s still insignificant next to Silicon Valley, Boston, and even Utah.
Read – Top Investment Trend: China (Silicon Beat)

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