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The Economist’ Geek Week

November 3, 2004

The Economist has published its Tech Quarterly.
– One article quantifies the failure of The Segway, which built a factory to produce 40K units per month – only 6K have been purchased to date.
– Another chronicles the long last gasp of the fax machine. Worldwide sales have fallen from 15M in 2000 to 14M in 2001 (why no more recent data?).
LCD flat panel TVs, the Economist indicates are expected to account for 18% of TVs sold in 2008, up from 2.2% in 2003. The LCD technology is quickly overtaking more expensive plasma screen technology. While the likes of Dell, HP and Motorola have started to sell these TVs, sales have disappointed due to high consumer costs.
– The Economist gives ink to UWB technology – wireless for consumer electronics like TVs and stereos. Alas, standards wars continue in UWB.
Data Mining works!
– Google begat PageRank, and this is how it works.
What is Machinima? The making of movies using replay on video games like Quake.
Fashion matters more than anything in cell phone sales. Nokia’s stubborn use of candy-bar designs while clamshell designs became all the rage are to blame for Nokia’s woes.
– University of Sussex prof/iPod expert speaks on the meaning of iPod.


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