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Quality Wins the Day

October 14, 2004

There’s a journalistic adage that goes something like this: it’s not who reports it first, it’s who reports it best. The idea: quality always wins the day. We are reminded of this truism as we look at Apple’s latest numbers and the ongoing success of the iPod. The company sold over 2 million iPods in the most recent quarter, up from 860,000 in the previous quarter.
Shake Your Money-Maker
Circa 1999, we owned a Rio MP3 player that was capable of holding roughly 16 songs. It was very cool at the time – and hinted at the potential of portable digital music. As a company, however, Rio lacked the imagination (and the brand equity) to take its player and make something special out of it.
Steve Jobs is proving once again that if you “make it great” people tend to notice.
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