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The Selling of Slate – Does Anybody Care?

October 13, 2004

What’s happening with the sale of Slate? The meta-media reporters were buzzing with this story back in late July and our moles told us they were aware of Slate suits talking to various suitors.
Buy us… Please!
When word of a deal like this leaks, it usually means a sale is imminent. So what’s going on here? Even is MSFT isn’t making much money off Slate, it’s certainly not losing much any more – so urgency isn’t driving this deal. We suspect the bean counters in Redmond have a price in mind, below which they are not willing to budge. Maybe that price is too dear for most potential buyers. Either way, this sale is a blip on the MSFT balance sheets and, as a result, may not be much of a priority in the executive suite.
It wouldn’t be the first time the media, while writing about the media, attached too much importance to a story of marginal importance.
Kudos to the Motley Fool for sticking with the story and putting it in the proper perspective. They cite a Seattle Times story that reinforces the a:c’s initial read on the situation. As we said in July: “Look for the Washington Post Company to make a more legitimate run at Slate. The MSNBC/Newsweek(owned by WaPo Co.)/Slate/MSN connection already exists — the deal could be hammered out over a latte in Redmond.”
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