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Where Are They Now – Rick Schwartz (Domain Name Kingpin)

October 12, 2004

domain name king.jpg
His Highness
Back in the Summer of 1999, NY Times reporter Jennifer 8. Lee put a name to the murky business of domain names – the name was Rick Schwartz. At the time, Schwartz’s most valuable properties were and, for which he paid only $42K and $15K, respectively, in 1997. Today Schwartz arguably retains his title as the king of “domainers” and recently hosted a domainers conference near his home in Boca Raton, Florida.
According to the Domain Name Journal, Schwartz started with a total investment of $1,800 and wound up earning $20M over the next 8 years. Schwartz’s biggest coup was the sale last year of for $1.3M. He is currently sitting on 6,000 domains. In addition to profiting from the sale of domains, Schwartz makes steady income from advertising that he earns from free traffic that comes his way from domains he owns, such as In fact, Schwartz has been called the Warren Buffet of domains for his strategy of sitting on domains for the long term and only selling when prices are ridiculous.

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Traffic2004 (Conference Web site)
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