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Ember – Profile

October 7, 2004

ember logo.gif
HQ: Boston
Founded: 2000
Management: Bob Metcalfe, 3Com founder, was named Chairman. Jeff Grammer is CEO – he was previously a VC at TechFarm.
Investors: Ember has raised $53M since its launch, most recently $25M in September 2004. Investors are Vulcan Capital (lead), ChevronTexaco Technology Ventures, Hitachi, Polaris Venture Partners, DFJ New England, and GrandBanks Capital.
Business Model: Company needs a copy writer to let us know what they do, but after much digging we understand that they sell networked sensors and software based on the Zigbee standard that would replace billions of dumb sensors now in place. Applications include defense, homeland security, and building management. For example, the Airforce might drop a cluster of Ember sensors on a battlefield, the sensors could gather and triangulate heat and motion data and wirelessly transmit changes back to HQ for more precise bombing. Or a building superintendent in charge of HVAC controls can gather tempatures wirelessly and can make adjustments without leaving his seat.
Competitors: Chipcon, Freescale Semiconductor, Samsung and numerous others.
Dirt: Company is currently in ramp-up phase. It doesn’t have any clients or sales to speak of and hasn’t really made hard choices about which market(s) it will focus on.


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