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Halsey Minor and the Entrepreneurial Disposition

October 5, 2004

Yesterday’s NYT takes a look at Halsey Minor’s latest foray into the venture capital arena. Say what you will about Minor, the guy is still sitting on a pile of cash. His reputation and fortune were cemented at CNET, a company he built from the ground up in 1993. Halsey has never been known for his subtlety – and while brash behavior may have made him rich – it has also earned him a reputation for bull-headedness and self-indulgent hubris.
Minor: I did it MY WAY
We suspect Minor could care less – and with good reason. Think of Larry Ellison. Think of Steve Jobs. It’s nice to think that all wildly successful entrepreneurs have the quiet disposition of someone like Gordon Moore or Halsey’s old partner Shelby Bonnie, but more often than not they’re, well… ego-centric assholes. They pound the table. They stamp their feet.
Minor’s last attempt at VC financing was a disaster because it relied on the consensus and approval of limited partners. There wasn’t a board room in Silicon Valley that could accomodate all the inflated egos that put up cash for the whole miserable affair. Halsey Minor’s latest move – going it alone – is the right one. But take his money at your own peril. Your idea could become his idea – are you ready to pound the table and stamp your feet?
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