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Mediabolic – Profile

September 23, 2004

HQ: San Francisco
Founded: 1999
Management: For CEO Daniel Putterman, this is his third Internet startup.
Investors: AsiaTech Management and Intel Capital invested unknown amount in September 2004. In 2002, the company had an investment from D&M Holdings (Denon & Marantz brands).
Business Model: Digital home middleware that should allow consumers to connect their digital and analog devices. Middleware bundles with chips that are then placed in media devices. The company now has deals with Pioneer, Fujitsu, Denon, HP, and Creative. To date, these media devices have not been big sellers, but Intel, for one, would like them to be.
Competitors: Innumerable options including Roku, Tivo Series2 Home Media Option.
Dirt: Convergence is a bitch. Founder Putterman probably didn’t think that he was a visionary but after 4 years of blowing in the wind, he still might be early. We like Mediabolic’s model – selling software to consumer electronics players and let them fight – better than those who will try to compete with Sony.

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