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Flight 2004: San Jose to Bangalore

September 16, 2004

We had beers and burgers last night with the Asia Wall Street Journal’s man in New Delhi – Jay Solomon. In the past decade, Jay has seen wrenching turmoil from Jakarta to Seoul to Islamabad, but he can’t stop talking about what he’s seeing along the Bangalore/Silicon Valley corridor.
Solomon was in the Bay Area to interview Indian enterpreneurs and VCs who are busily funding tech ventures that turn on cheap Indian programmers. The end-game that Solomon and others foresee is that Bangalore will no longer need the US for anything, including funding, and will become the global leader in tech innovation. It doesn’t matter how smart Americans think they are, if Indians can throw 50 programmers at an opportunity at the cost of 5 Americans, the Indians will win every time.
Suck’s View of Bangalore


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