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Moritz Gets Star Treatment

September 13, 2004

Businessweek threw Seqouia Capital VC Michael Moritz some softballs in a Q&A this week. Sticking to its B-School 101 approach, BW tried to get Moritz to hold forth on The Nature of Innovatation. Will Silicon Valley always be Silicon Valley? Yes. Do people in the Valley think different from people elsewhere? Yes. BW failed to ask anything juicy, such as what did Moritz do to provide parental supervision and prevent Google’s blown IPO? Nor do they ask anything about the conflict-of-interest accusations leveled against him at Red Envelope – one of his portfolio companies. BW even allowed Moritz to argue with unnoted self-interest that institutional investors who invest in his competitors at B and C tier firms are wasting their money and should keep it in T-bills.
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