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Where is Infospace Founder Naveen Jain?

September 10, 2004

Naveen Jain is back at work in a Bellevue, WA startup that is locked in stealth-mode. We first met Jain when he arrived unannounced at the offices of the Red Herring to demand that the publication pay attention to Infospace – the next big company. The stunt should have backfired but Jain’s manic energy and drive ingratiated him with the editorial staff. It also helped that Jain’s predictions proved to be true. Infospace, the company he founded and ran, had a successful IPO and its stock at one point exceeded $200 a share. His predictive powers famously went to his head as Jain predicted at one point that Infospace would become the planet’s first $1 trillion company. It may take a while to achieve that size – but Infospace continues to operate and is profitable, though Jain is no longer at the helm.
A mole who recently visited Jain’s new venture reports that Jain’s aggressive personality permeates the office culture. “You see all these workers,” Jain explained to our mole, “I made them all multi-millionaires. They don’t have to work but they want to work for me.”
Jain On Top Of The Bubble


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