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VCs Can’t Blog

September 7, 2004

Every morning as we scan our RSS readers, we race past tabs for various venture capitalist bloggers. Rarely do we pause to read more because we find these blogs have little to offer. We sympathize with VC bloggers. They expect to gain street cred, however, they tend to fear that something they might blog could land them in hot water. We want to hear them mercilessly describe passing on potential investments, feel their hand-wringing at being shut out of over-subscribed rounds, and detail their maneuverings to screw tech-astute, business-naïve entrepreneurs. Instead they write about their hobbies or they link to what others are blogging – anything to avoid the honest, sordid truth.
Jurvey’s Blog Is A Bitch To Read
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View – Ed Sim [Dawntrader Ventures]
View – Jeff Nolan
[SAP Ventures]
View – Tim Oren [Pacifica Fund]
View – VentureBlog [various VCs]

To date, VC bloggers have been bantam-weights. However, Steve Jurvetson of Draper Fisher Jurvetson recently launched a blog. Jurvey is a good guy, but we wonder if his reputation for being ‘scary-smart’ has gone to his head. An excerpt from his first post: “One question I am wrestling with: does the minimally-sufficient critical mass of nodes needed to generate emergent behavior necessitate a certain incomprehensibility of the emergent properties by the nodal members? Does it follow that the more powerful the emergent properties, the more incomprehensible they must be to their members? So, I guess I am wondering about the ’emergent gap’ between layers of abstraction, and whether the incomprehensibility across layers is based on complexity (numbers of nodes and connections) AND/OR time scales of operation?”
Hmmm. We’re wondering about “incomprehensibility” too, Jurvey, now that you’ve thoroughly baffled us. If we wanted science, we’d turn to the Discovery Channel. Instead, we want to hear you gloat about how you flew a Gulfstream to the Great Barrier Reef for a scuba trip over Labor Day – and now that you’re loaded on Kristal, tell us what you really think about about the clowns you’ve had to deal with.


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