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Playing to Peoria

August 19, 2004

Last night, the NBC Nightly News weighed in on the impending Google IPO with a report that briefly explained the company’s significance and explored, however superficially, its post-IPO prospects. If you’ve ever wondered who NBC believes its typical viewer is, this Google package was fairly revealing.
The coverage celebrated all the cliches of life at a dot-com company. The opening clip showed a pierced alt-chick pecking non-chalantly at her keyboard. Her fingernails were covered with a suitably garish yellow nailpolish. We then drop in on some slack-jawed, prepubescent cubicle dwellers. Surely they all have advanced degrees from Stanford or some Finnish technical university. Are they having a meeting or pulling tubes off 3-foot Grafix? It’s not clear. Then we circle back to the alt-chick. She’s rollerblading from one meeting to the next. Of course.
Google… What’s Google?
This sort of zeitgeist coverage is tiresome, hackneyed, and about six years out of date. But when your core viewer is a pensioner from Peoria, perhaps this makes for compelling TV.


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