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Real Thinks Different

August 18, 2004

Ever since Steve Jobs rebuffed Rob Glaser’s entreaty for Apple and Real to work together nicely, Real has been storming Apple’s ramparts. First Real hacked Apple’s DRM forcing iTunes to work with Real (branded Real Harmony), then Real launched a price war with iTunes. Now Real’s PR flacks have launched an ill-advised online petition campaign at to manufacture a sense that there is a grass roots movement against Apple.
With Jobs recovering from his cancer operation, the Apple fanatics have been fighting back as only they can. They began by stuffing the petition site with anti-Real sentiments. When Real took down viewable comments from the petition, the Apple faithful quickly launched an online petition critical of Real for faking grass roots support. They also bashed Real for clinging to the open-standards mantle when, in fact, the company has been a proprietary format stalwart since its inception.
apple think different.jpg
Apple Faithful’s Religious Fervor on Display
Geeks live for this kind of tech intrigue – they love a good open-standards battle. Of greater interest to us, however, is the colossally poor decision-making on the part of Real’s PR handlers. There are few things in this life that are more zealous, more indignant, and more dangerous than slighted Apple devotees. As we’re seeing with Real, you agitate them at your own peril.
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