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Storefront to the World

August 18, 2004

A new survey about online retailers from goofily named research firm Vividence finds that Amazon is the number one site on the Web for customer satisfaction. No big surprise here.
But what is surprising is the list of other companies that earned top marks in this survey: Barnes & Noble, Circuit City, eBay, Eddie Bauer, L.L. Bean, and Nordstrom. eBay notwithstanding, it would appear that some bricks and mortar companies have finally got game. For most bricks and mortar companies, however, it’s still a very expensive proposition to build out a world-class shopping site – a fact that is not lost on the survey champ, Amazon.

The company’s strategy of seeking out partnerships with retailers to build co-branded storefronts represents the perfect use of Amazon’s technology, customer service expertise, and vast audience — all these elements are now sufficiently mature. The approach is also non-exclusive — many Amazon partners still run their own sites, making Amazon the most unintimidating of partners.
We’d like to know more about the economics of the deals, but suspect that the numbers vary widely based on the strength of the retailer’s brand. How well does this strategy work? Check out Amazon’s Apparel & Accessories Store. In the first two months of 2004, AMZN moved 52,000 pairs of shoes, 48,000 pairs of pants and jeans, 25,000 pairs of underwear, 21,000 jackets, and 15,000 men’s dress shirts.
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