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Changes at M.I.T. Tech Review

August 17, 2004

Last night, the a:c dined with Jason Pontin, former editor of Red Herring and the Acumen Journal of Sciences. He has recently taken the helm of the M.I.T. Tech Review. Over a breaded veal shank and a grassy Barbaresco, Pontin told us to expect a subtle redesign of the Tech Review by Roger Black, the celebrated mag designer who reworked the Herring and created the look for Acumen. He also told us to look for some A-list contributors as part of the relaunch issue.
With Business 2.0 cranking out its “how-to” corporate pabulum, the new Red Herring already teetering on the edge of irrelevance, and Fast Company in the advanced stages of irrelevance, we think Jason has a competitive opening in the tech/business space. Stay tuned.


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