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eBay and craigslist – Not a Missed Connection

August 13, 2004

eBay has taken a 25% interest in craigslist, the community listings site. Congratulations to craigslist on this one. In his typically folksy way, craigslist founder Craig Newmark makes this eBay investment sound like a stroke of dumb luck. We’re not buying it. craigslist has quietly and shrewdly grown into a highly useful and influential community site, serving over 40 U.S. cities and 4 cities abroad. Behemoths like Microsoft (with Sidewalk) and AOL with its various community efforts have only dreamed of earning the kind of Internet cred that craigslist effortlessly possesses.
When you consider the countless numbers of knuckleheads who got rich quick off the Internet, it’s heartening to see that the earthy folks over at craigslist might finally get some extra spending money. New Birkenstocks all around!
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