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Predator Vs. Alien: The Battle for Seattle

August 12, 2004

Certainly, the contest over who will die with the most cash is finished – Bill Gates trumps Paul Allen. Gates has $40B while Allen has $20B. However, here in Seattle, Allen currently has the edge over Gates in the category of most newsworthy. It appears that Gates is carefully tending to his reputation so he can enjoy a respectful, lengthy obituary while Allen is constantly looking to upstage Gates with a barrage of ventures bound to get attention in the local news. Here’s a rundown…
gates and allen2.jpg
Most Likely to Suceed and Most Interesting
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Gates– Hard focus on Microsoft and Gates Foundation. Doesn’t get involved much with projects downstream that might go bust and cause embarrassment.
– Boring friends. Travels to Omaha to meet with octogenarian investor Warren Buffet and chooses spastic Steve Ballmer to be the best man in his wedding.
– Doesn’t do vision thing. Gates builds “Wired dream house of the future” with miles of twisted-pair cable on the cusp of the wireless era.
Allen– Recently launched Seattle’s Sci-Fi Museum and its Music Museum, is developing private market space rocket, and rebuilt the world’s only remaining Cinerama.
– Has taken stakes in some of the most successful online ventures including CNET, AOL, Priceline, and Ticketmaster, as well as some major busts like Tech TV.
– Owns odd, unmotivated, High Times-subscribing Portland Trailblazers.
– He has extensive real estate holdings in the Northwest, and is currently involved in building a trolley service through Seattle, as well as a biotech campus in downtown Seattle – he paid $200M for the land alone.
– Master of conspicuous consumption – he has more than one Boeing 707.
– Recruits A list celebs for a European cruise on his mega yacht. Guests complained that he was reclusive. Dr. Evil or Randolph Hearst.


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