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Pop Goes the Pop-up

August 11, 2004

Within days of the release of Microsoft Service Pack 2 next week, we expect to see pop-up ads decimated and online marketers gasping for air. Sure pop-up blocking tool-bars from Yahoo and Google have put a dent in the market, but now IE will be switched to block pop-ups across most every corporate desktop globally. Given that many sites earn as much as 30% of their online revenues from pop-ups and there is no replacement for pop-ups, this stands to cause the industry’s biggest pile-up since the dot-bomb dropped.
And yet business media coverage is oddly thin. Pop-up’s biggest beneficiaries, companies like Orbitz and Netflix as well as the sites that agree to run pop-ups, are not about to go on the record with their hand-wringing. So while the bovine mass of IE users might enjoy life in their cubicles a bit more, we know that marketers are letting out a chorus of muffled screams.
popup burner.jpg
End of an Era
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