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Fully VoIP and Cellular

August 11, 2004

Today marks the end of any connections that the A:C has to its POTS legacy. We have been using Cisco VoIP connections at our offices, and now we’ve yanked our home lines in favor of either Vonage or cell phone service.
What strikes us most is how easy the switchover has been and how much money we are saving. A single swap-out from SBC to Vonage should result in an extra $1000 per year in our pockets. We can think of few other home economics decisions that can make such an impact – other than reducing our bar tabs – and that is sacrosanct (we might consider a downgrade to Johnnie Red, from Johnnie Black). We realize that the media has thoroughly addressed this trend, however, we find that if anything, they are underplaying the significance by balancing coverage with the ramblings of ill-informed naysayers.
Ma Bell… Got the Ill Communication
Yes, packets get dropped and connection quality needs improvement, but we chortle when we think of how hosed the RBOCs are (with their stupid acronyms). Sure, they may gravitate to VoIP themselves, but gone are the days when they can charge $50 a month just so you can talk with your neighbors.
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