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August 10, 2004

With all the recent coverage of’s controversial decision to plant advertising links within editorial content, you’d think the editors of the site would at least make an effort to publish some compelling news stories. In the midst of our daily sweep of tech coverage, we noticed a peculiar headline on the front door of the Technology section: “VC’s Rocky Quarter.”
That’s odd – we made reference to a CBS Marketwatch story (reg. req.) less than a week ago that made the opposite point: VC funds crossed the $3B threshold for the quarter, up from $2.8B last quarter and $2.6B in the prior year’s quarter. That doesn’t strike us as a rocky quarter – so what gives?

When you click through to the story you will notice that it is, quite inexplicably, over two years old. And if you happened to miss the dateline, the lead sentence ought to tip you off: “The calendar says 2002. But the money is singing 1997.”
Actually, the calendar says 2004. Along with this aging story about quarterly VC funding, there are other evergreen gems to choose from, like a 2002 editorial package reviewing PDAs and a set of stories about hot e-commerce companies… again from, you guessed it, 2002.
Archived stories are useful and informative, but they should be labeled as archives and not promoted on the front door of a daily section. Maybe Forbes should spend less time on clever advertising schemes and more time on its badly outdated editorial offering.
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