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August 6, 2004

Getting the Hell out of Dodge
The SJ Merc today reports the results of a recent survey, by the Bay Area Council, which found that 1/3 of Silicon Valley companies have considered moving some or all of their operations out of the region. According to the article: Jim Wunderman, the council’s chief executive and president, said he was “startled” so many had considered leaving the region.
Sprawl in Silicon Valley:
Another day, another building

Note to Mr. Wunderman: Hey, Jim, Silicon Valley sucks! It’s a hideous, over-priced, congested, bleak, dull, strip-malled, office-parked, geek-infested place. Get out of there while you still can!
But seriously, these findings should come as no surprise. The Valley’s unruly sprawl has been an issue for years now and the concentration of intellectual talent has gradually diluted as the technology industry has matured. From Boise to Bangalore, there are plenty of affordable alternatives to Mountain View. That said, it’s going to be a long time before any other place can lay claim to the Valley’s well-earned reputation as THE epicenter of tech innovation.
Read: SV firms have thought of moving [SJ Merc via Yahoo]

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