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August 5, 2004

Nokia in Danger
The cell phone startup Danger has succeeded at getting everyone’s attention this week, based on the imminent release of the second version of its Hiptop phone. Danger is in a head-to-head battle with Treo and Blackberry for the title of coolest phone. The A:C uses Dangers because we are cheap. Corporates gravitate to Treos and Blackberries because they are more flexible and aren’t tied at the waist to T-Mobile – which has suck-ass coverage despite what wonderful Catherine Zeta-Jones says.
It comes as a surprise that the coverage of Danger does not mention that the industry giant – Nokia – has failed to develop or even partner with a competitive product. It’s bad enough that Sony-Ericcson is taking market share away from Nokia, but how can the Fins allow a start-up to define such an important space? It’s a sign of weakness that we will not soon forget.
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The Wizards at ID
We lunched at the subsidized Electronic Arts cafeteria today – the usual being their delicious double-cheese burger – and were not surprised to see that many EArs were spending the morning with the newest release of Doom from ID Software. ID did what EA would never do – took 4 years to update their flagship game, two years longer than scheduled. They also continued to push the envelope in game development more than anyone else.
ID remains the philosophical counter-balance to EA. Whereas ID is run by creatives down, specifically by founder John Carmack, EA is run by shirts. Both thrive, but downstream the gaming industry is in pain. EA pretenders like Eidos have lost their touch while dozens of other creative houses haven’t been able to hold together hit streaks the way ID has.
doom 3.bmp
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