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Revenue Science – Profile

August 2, 2004

revscience logo.bmp
HQ: Bellevue, WA
Founded: 2000
Management: CEO Bill Grossman was a venture partner at Mohr Davidow, where he played management roles at several portfolio companies.
Investors: Mayfield and Mohr Davidow as A-list participants and then the slightly less known: Kellett Investments, Second Avenue Partners, Staenberg Venture Partners, Cedar Grove Investments, Deutsche Bank Technology Fund.
Business model: Textbook Internet ad infrastructure play – the premise: make Web ads more effective. Revenue Science connects online advertisers with interested online audiences. Underlying this relatively simple idea is some fairly hardcore algorithmic magic that is meant to provide publishers with pinpoint accuracy. Marketers love it because they reach an interested and qualified audience – publishers love it because marketers love it. Fees back to Revenue Science are based on performance, so the vig is derived from success.
Competitors: Tacoda Systems, SageMetrics, Quigo, Industry Brains, and NetIQ.
Additional dirt: Originally called digiMine. The company has a Chief Scientist with a Digital, Sun, IBM pedigree – always a good sign. Also a good sign that major brands like and American Airlines have consented to write press releases touting the effectiveness of Revenue Science’s offering. But remember, a press release does not a company make.

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