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Visible Path – Profile

July 26, 2004

visible path logo.bmp
HQ: New York
Founded: September 2002
Management: Management: Founders had previously founded IUMA, which they sold to eMusic. Welcome to enterprise software, people.
Investors: $5.7M in Series A funding from Kleiner, Perkins came during Beta. Ray Lane joined the board.
Business Model: ASP enterprise software that mines employee e-mail and IM accounts, calendars, and address books for contacts. It then analyzes and maps the networks of relationships revealed within those resources to help salespeople tap into their colleagues’ connections. Visible Path plans to offer its software as a service, charging companies platform-licensing fees that start at $20,000 per year and scale up depending on the number of seats. A 1,000-person company, for example, would pay $100,000 a year.
Competitors: Spoke Software. Visible Path appears to be the laggard in its niche behind Spoke.
Dirt: A tough pitch as it is predicated on changes to human behavior, specifically people’s distrust of their corporation and employers. It’s one thing for people to sign-up for Linked-in – quite another for them to hand over their personal networks to the company and IT department. It’s bad enough working for The Man. Who wants to share their little black book as well?


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