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Eurekster – Profile

July 8, 2004

HQ: San Francisco with its R&D facility in New Zealand.
Founded: 2003
Management: Kiwi Expat Grant Ryan is CEO. Together with his brother, Shaun, they developed a predecessor, GlobalBrain, which they sold to Snap from NBCi. That project was scuttled when the Internet boom died. The Ryans bought back the GlobalBrain technology and founded SLI Systems, which powers Eurekester. The Ryans are also the founders of social networking company Real Contacts, a social networking site focused on job search.
Investors: Bootstrapped.
Business Model: Advertising revenues via its personalized search engine. The search engine essentially uses the type of collaborative filtering concept found on Amazon. Eurekster gets results like a normal search engine but ranks them according to the interests you and your friends have shown through past searches. Eurekster has a deal with Friendster which should make the product much more accessible. Before the end of the year, Eurekster plans to unveil a more specialized product: searches designed for particular topics, and not for general use.
eurekster list.bmp
Competitors: Google Personalized Search, MyYahoo, MSN, Amazon A9, AOL,

Additional Dirt: Eurekster is a nice low-cost operation that hopes to kick-up enough dust in a field where the big-boys’ elbows are flying . The end-game would seem to be an acquisition by one of the search companies. Like Tecnorati, Eurekster is currently riding Google’s coat tails and getting a lot of attention in the press whenever they pen predictable ‘The Next Google’ stories.

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